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    It was about some years ago a young man had a dream of being able to fly. When he was 20 years old, he got his wish. He started hang gliding; and now after 35 years, he owns his own school. Because he loves the sport so much, he started teaching. With the help of his partner, they started their own flight school.
    Dan, now a master pilot and certified USHGA  instructor, has taught many students this wonderful sport of flying. With the success of his teachings, his school has grown into a full operational organization, with a classroom, 5 training hills, and a mountain launch. Dan is able to provide a student all of the necessary means of going from beginner to advanced pilot ratings.

Susquehanna Flight Park
293 Hade Hollow Rd
Cooperstown NY 13326

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Dan Guido
293 Shoemaker Rd, Mohawk NY 13407
 Cell: 315-867-8011
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