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Susquehanna Flight Park in Cooperstown, NY

Looking down on the flight park from training hill #3, 150' ft above the school. The building on the right is the flight school.

Looking up at 3 of the 5 training hills.
HANG GLIDING...                                                             

        The purest form of flight. Throughout the centuries man has dreamt of personal flight, to set oneself free and soar silently with the birds. 

The first successful attempts at flight were made by hang glider pilots: Otto Lilienthal, Octave Chanute, and, yes, the Wright Brothers. It is not commonly known that one of the main reasons for the success of the Wrights was that they had perfected their flying skills in "hang gliders".
         But the sport of hang gliding has come a long way since then, and since its rebirth in the early '70's. Hang gliding has matured to a responsible sport, readily available to those who wish to fly.

         Our hang gliders of today are highly sophisticated soaring machines. Pilots fly with instruments, radios, even oxygen and rocket deployed emergency parachutes. Cross country flights of 100 or more miles are common.

Attention ALL NEW COMERS!!  

All LESSONS are taught at Susquehanna Flight Park,
which is Located at:
293 Hade Hollow Rd.
Cooperstown, NY 13326

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